Thursday, March 21, 2019

Open Letter to Extremist Factions No Nukes

No Nukes because All Earth's Crustal Destruction starts with Nuclear Power+Energy for Profit=Environmental Disaster and rolls down into an unnecessarily fabricated hell from there.  No Nukes, War No More.  Spiritual enlightenment evolution = survival


Open Letter to 'Brothers' and 'Sisters' in the Extreme Factions of Government and Institutions

e.g. That even our own U.S. Senators and Representatives seem to be Unaware Of Yet?!

Please End Cognitive Dissonance on Planet Earth.  End ALL Machiavellianism Now:  So be it and so it is.

Families, Lawyers, AE911Truth to File Lawsuit against FBI over '9/11 Review Commission Report' on Mar. 25 | Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:
bless that group and their work

Open Your Hearts into the Fold of Compassion
Save Planet Earth's Crust and flora and fauna
that includes all of us Humans!
Stop Hurting Others, Stealing others' lands and any Life, for Greedy Profit

War No More

Homelessness, Hunger and Poverty No More

Open Your Hearts into the Fold of Compassion

You know you want to take care of the environment because What are you/we gonna tell (y)our kids, (y)our loved ones?

Open letter to the ($) 1% extremist demon-type controlled sisters and brothers splintered, controlled.  The most, most secret factions and in the secret societies, religious institutions and military ops.  Please, you are being begged now.  (You know who you are:  the more-for-us, less-for-everyone-else doctrines/dogmas sometimes found in the highest of positions within all institutions)  Take your souls back away from evil.  Be Human.

Please.  I beg of you.  Please sea how you are being controlled.  Please.  Think of what is happening to this unique planet Earth's Crust.  Please.  Be the real, true hero you intended to be before you became controlled in the grip for your very lives and that of your families and friends, and even favorite icons and especially exceptional in compassion for a just society 'public servants'.  Realise being a compound casualty of our species own souls' being sacrificed for that lifestyle - and under ...1% control to do bad things to all of us by attempted genocide of indigenous peoples on ancestral lands, to other's sovereign lands, against all religions,  to a 'We The People' (but not only U.S.A.-centric) need to Evolve. 

We basically need to grow the heck up as the One Species that we Truly Are, each and every beautiful fractal of us, all with our own unique gifts, yes, that is every person decent and caring living their own lives on this planet making up the whole and work more and more together to rid this world of systemic bigotry and subjugation of anyone, especially the non 'well-healed' -- or lose what is left of this beautiful crust. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

Spike Lee Tells Viewers to Vote in 2020

Oscars Celebrates Firsts for Diverse Filmmakers, Spike Lee Tells Viewers to Vote in 2020
hat tip to Democracy Now (for the tip, and for this article:)

(Elegance through action and case in point)
Hope.  The sh@t's getting Better out there, I can feel it~

JoyThe Wrap, on Spike Lee


"The 2019 Academy Awards featured a series of surprising twists. Here are the moments that stole the show. (Taylor Turner/The Washington Post)"

By Eugene Scott
Reporter covering identity politics for The Fix
February 25 at 1:09 PM


Monday, January 14, 2019

Cracked Code

The World?  Oh, you mean Mother Earth. 

Stay frosty, do whatever you have to to keep getting your balance.  Mom.  The bitch is gonna Rock And Roll, and have sex basically with this Nemesis.  She need it.  Then the Rebirth.  Hat tip and immense relief to cracking the riddle, the code, that could only be done At This Very Time and going forward, nomatter what the heck happens, by jove we are gonna be reset, and we gonna do our dangdest to roll with it.
Is That Code?  -Craig Ferguson

If power (energy) were freed, freely distributed to those in need, then
if perhaps Tesla the 0riginal style (not elongated musks) but I mean, freely accessed, then
Mother E would not feel she have to shake the $atanic part of the web off - believe you me that would break that spwelle like sh@t then.  Give the freaking flying PEACE bird to ALL OFF JP Morgan and spawn...Mother E tells me.

The Who - Eminence Front (Original) 
Breathing, staying out of Shock those first days will be the biggest challenge besides not getting hit with debris. And caring for all of each other, like in any big storm, we tribe together, survivors.  Humanity has been through this many times, it's in our DNA.  We are in fact chosen for this.  The Autistic.  The vid rocks, if I may.  Humanity will survive.  Come what may.  To the tune of The Who,  Hear the riff in the background?  It's countless time waves bending.

Many of us are the spawn of the sixties generation, speaking globally of course. We will become the coolective now, that we have longed for.  We are only human, whose indominable (spell this) spirit will Adapt and Survive, even the nitial blast and radiation.  Spirit intended to help us all along, we just had to wait for the cosmic timing, and .  (Crosby Still Nash and Young, Wooden Ships) Kind of like as that man says, Suspicious0bservers interview those Scientists are All Brainwashed, and that's o with a zed, we will be at ground zero but without the Grid so that will be KEY of life in connecting back as one species humaniwomanity respecting Mother Earth.

This bumper stiker was in reaction to the U.S. having to vote with the forced sickening choice of either Hitlary the Spent War Monger and Trump the Vapid Wannabe Goombah
When most of us preferred to vote for Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic Frontrunner

Adaline Incredulous
February 1, 2019 at 5:23 PM
Commercial Interruption:
Don't have to read these, these additions to the attempted brainwashing that is News pretty much sums IT up.
And for yet more mainstream media brainwashing:

Giant meteor hitting earth preferred by 1 in 4 millennials over Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton presidency
Still, Clinton has the edge over the End of Days when it comes to young voters
Independent, by Feliks Garcia, 2016 and on
New York @feliksjose

Americans prefer a meteor hit Earth over Trump or Clinton as president
New York Post, By Yaron Steinbuch, July 1, 2016

13 Percent of People Would Rather Have a Meteor Hit Earth Than Elect Trump or Clinton
Looks like some sorting out of priorities is in order.
US News & World Report, By Rachel Dicker, July 1 2016

Threatened with the lives of their loved ones into under control is so yesterday.  I Will Not Let This Be.  The warrior souls are ready to come back.  It will be hellish with the ambient radiation, but those idiots at TEPCO actually inoculated BULLSHOT!  the entire planet, same with Chernobyl, 3 mile, all the other nuclear leaks never mind the Bikini massacre cancers ongoing, swept under the rug for more profits for $atan with the U.$.  $eabrook NH masquerading as Yankee, that was shut down (dismantling, decommished).in 2014.  The Twin States.  We have all been played.  And vaccinations can be deadly, so don't get any more unless you gotta CYA.

You wanna survive 5G?  That GRID must be eliminated as a form of control.  FREE.  That is Key.  Remember the musical instrumentation and song remembrance.  Protect some sheets of music in a metal pipe deep in a cave with your oxygen tanks.  Sing for Joy!

It's a put on.  It's a cosmic reset.  Rolling with the punches lies deep within our DNA.  Good old Gov. Uncle Sam incorporated with the Lizard Queens won't tell the populations.

This is in fact, the Dawning of the Age.  Mother Earth is here to protect those of us who are meant to survive, and carry on, if you love her enough.  Trump the Card, Check, MATE!  Go change your own diapers, jerk.  Here, smear his face with his own shit and laugh at him while he has a toddler temper tantrum and won't wash himself.  Eat it, Trump.  You've been had.  Your gigs are up.

We will adapt and survive, and now that it is seeded in the ether both electronically and etherically, it has been for quite a long time since it was first discovered in the 40s, then Astronomer Robert Harrington took the fall in the 80s right before he was going to publish his findings.

Will grow in the collective, it will expand over generations of us that will remember our souls now, remember ?  Don't have to, again, it's in the DNA.  Survival instinct.  Of the fittest and smartest and most prepared.  At least mentally.

And we will come back as true peace warriors and care for the planet, each other, sea?  It will be hellish for generations but hey, the good residents will then be unshackled from underground to help us help ourselves!!!  From inner earth.  If they so choose.  Only those of us that are mentally prepared have a chance. 

That will take days to get through, the not being able to breathe and getting blasted by EMFs supreme and meteor showers.  Gather the water, nuts and berries.  Toys, passtimes, real, 'analog' won't even work.  Wakey, wakey, little snakeys.

Ooops, just pulled my head out of my @ss.

Nebra Skeye Disk of Antiquity
Teach the Children Well.  Get it into them easy, just a seed or too about a cool cosmic Carnival Ride or something might be coming.  They are more adaptable than us.  Survival?   You just gotta wanna.

Carry on, True Peace Warriors.  Cheers and a hat tip to artist and astronomically brainy author Andy Lloyd et all for this venue, thx

The technology is out there to clean up nuclear radiation.  It can in fact be done instantly.  The timing just had to be right.  We ARE the generationZ!  PlanetX?  What!?

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bubble.....!P0p!

Please see Billy's Amazen Story With An Open Mind/Body/Soul/Spirit

Billy Fay Woodward

New Release Ditty Tealight 2

Free rocks love hear gave the licks away scotty free.  Now THAT is pretty the geewillacres story.  My mind's eye can rest and now just leaf be.  The vampires can no longer hurt any body ee including mee and mine now and then and future those e i e i oh just Universal LOVE is fine now but don't dam true love cause we are certainly on a cusp truthfully to the pi it just enjoy life.  Once in a blue moon two a rock wood haven three 31 Sunday Mountain.  Eye better not blowfish it.  Screwed by my story then But now I can Justly Bee knowing that any and even one or two can know it was all for Universal Love, for free.  Right in their faces in cyber spaces.  Now I'm truly universally free.  I gotta go vaccuum!  Yes! and Take care of my own business.  No one nor all can hurt me nor mine nor any I care for period any longer, not even the grid.  It is written, aptly.  All I care for are protected from evil.  Especially their souls.  Our souls belong to us!  Evil recedes into the black hole, transformed into nothingness to leave humanity to be sovereign for eternity.  Sea?  It was never about me.  Perfect!  Any who love is actually Universal love and So be it and so it is.  Thank you for Dudez0!  And. Long live us all.  Ground! to the tunes of NINA SIMONE and I'm Feeling Good

Adaline on ∞ GrannyMilkyWaye ∞
Pandora on Mz D. <^>_ :| ~ Ο€ ~ πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ ~ Ο€πŸ¦‰ πŸ¦†

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