Monday, July 9, 2012

Preventative Medicine

Astrologically, with Venus, Mercury and another planet that was Combust, these are challenging times for everyone.  It's ALL good now. 

We wish them well.  Good luck to us, now. We hope to find a better suited tenant within a more mature community.  Folks who like to go hiking locally, maybe, and commute to work in the city?  Or whoever appropriate steps forward...

The Cottage is cozy, pretty private using renewable work heating a home with wood.  It's going to be better than ever now, we visualize, people living there that are better suited to enjoy the place, the trails, and the community of people, at least as much if not more than all those who have had the opportunity to live there so far. Looking for people who live in the truth, and want landlords who are motivated to keep fixing up the place.

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee Urgently Needs Support

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