Grateful Spring Flora

Joy as an act of rebellion

Mother's Day, 5/10/2020

scillia flower-lettes bring me to my knees
to see
the first-to-bloom bulbs that bear tiny blue-bell flowers
April showers
bring promise of flies and busy bees

crimson red in the throat of primrose
breathing the color in through my nose
starkly bright hugging ground foliage
fruits of blessed toilage

wrangle weed roots from purple clematis' bed
begone that hogweed much better off dead
- all it wants to do is spread
that cream white weed is a disgrace, with flowers not unlike queen-anne's lace

the soil pungent and teeming with life
work my fingers through it like a knife
closed-bottle gentian comes back every year
blue so beautiful brings a tear

earth worms in the rich dark dirt help with castings
some root lumps gone but some still lasting
visions of morning glory vines, blooms bright blue
and THE royal blue butterfly climbing pea
if the season lasts long enough to support that hue

my heart bursts with expansive joy and
grateful for life white light strands emanate out
bands of bright light beaming to space and beyond

the lawn got mowed yesterday first time this year
when the gardens' call you hear
all seasonal songs increase, of returning birds
working the soil last few weeks with glee
once again on bended knee

then a snowy cold wind lays down five inches of white
daffodils bent over, gives me a fright
their face plant in wet snow
cold bare handed winter remembrance scooping them free
bring in a bunch of delight bright yellow boutonnière

clear crisp spring air wafting through your hair
a hawk glides over head from out of nowhere
spearmint invasively planted too close to veggies
figure out a barrier - wriggly them back please

Blue Jays like family fly from a pine top
fondly chickadees perch on a line singing non-stop
woodpecker and whippoorwill, quail and pheasant
deep in the woods stark harsh and extremely pleasant

snow melting quick, colorful seed packets sorted
visions of surrounding purple clematis vine trellis noted
get horseshoe borders of forget-me-nots, borage
nigella sativa and big bright red/orange
marigolds dots with spiky dark green foliage

pause and smell them now in your mind's eye
pink lili-of-the-valley, ankle high
must be cultivated better this season
their heady scent alone offers reason

sunflowers tall thick big leaves on stalks long
big round faces bright gold and brown
morning glory vines tall climb tiny tendrils strong
back from the south
bees and hummingbird fly, both bird and moth
summer wild flowers visions so soft

heady sweet scent of wild fuchsia cape rose
spread more and more memories goodness knows
it's five AM Mother's Day, five ten twenty-twenty
this year's flower garden dreams for a plenty

strands of blue skies hint a day of good weather
sleepless visions of indigo, sunflower and heather
a tingle of excitement, belly butterflies
gardens of flowers standing up to azure skies

dark black summer nights engorged with crystal stars
Milky Way bright band shooting silent song bars,
it's teaming beauty screams

~ ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★ <^>_ :| ~

for and inspired by my mother Sharon
on her 59th Mother's Day

as I read it to Mom over the phone a bossy flock of green parrots fly boisterously overhead, cackling, at the beach down south

~ ∃π~♬♪♥∞☮★ <^>_ :| ~

Dolphins Swimming in Bioluminescence


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