30 Years Dear Abbie

Abs the Fighter Abbie Hoffman Father Out Law
'It was the Chicago EIGHT' -Abbie


There is survivor's guilt

Beautiful Ilya, Amy, Your Just Spirit and Legacy


Dear Abbie,

Morris Novelty Trick or Treat

a dragonfly that blessed
the Blue Moon's
blue granite ledge garden
I do believe the spirit of humanity is strong, (despite the malevolence machine that erroneously desires 'war' on too many levels.) Humans will be; that raw or otherwise DNA carries not only the spiritual but also the physical potential for regeneration, and that it can not be taken away, controlled or manipulated beyond; that the manifestation of Earth's humanity's spirit can never be taken away from us no matter how bleak things may look long-term for the crust/atmosphere of this beloved planet.

In terms of eons of time, which perhaps can be seen from say the Universe as mere seconds depending on the entity observing, I must in resistance believe that we humans because of our inherent creativity will carry on and thrive in fact, breaking free from this particular era's chains of environmental and human degradation, and good humans will in fact prevail.  

We 'caring humans' will remember spiritually who we are, and in kind no matter how many incarnations we may decide to express for our own individual souls.

I must have faith in this in order to take each blessed breath.

So be it, and so it is.


Free Julian Assange!

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks Arrested in London; Faces U.S. Charge Related to Chelsea Manning Leakshttps://www.democracynow.org/2019/4/11/julian_assange_of_wikileaks_arrested_in

'War is not the answer, for only Love can conquer hate...'
'What's Going On'
by Marvin Gaye 

And of course they took Julian on the day after it's been 30 years of losing Abbie, during the break, Democracy Now plays the very song that was sung at Abbie's memorial service, in this day's video. 

t-shirts I had screen-printed
for the sad event after you left us
circa 1989
P.S. Dear Abbie?

It's been 30 years since 'you' (speaking to your memory) ...
had to fly the proverbial New Hope converted turkey coop.  It's finally getting easier to think about, even write about your memory.  I still have yet to seriously research your career, sorry, it's still painful. 'Yippee!'

Of course I now wish I had at least been nicer to 'you' back then, maybe paid some attention, and not been such a jerky daughter-in-law to you, but someone had to I guess. :)  But 'you' (your amazing memory) would know how then I was acting out my own nebulous (unspoken) past and present generational issues, which had nothing to do with anyone else.  Except maybe feeling protective of your first ex-wife and kids, not understanding that parents do in fact go through divorces in life.  Obviously I was immature and stubborn for my age back then, and I was trying to get your attention, was used to seeking out negative attention...  Self-centered, yikes.  But now, I thank the Universe for this life, despite the agony of the war on humanity from within.  

So here is another respectful hat-tip to your memory.  (Breathe)...yes, you knew much about Truth.

DISTRACTIONgate: What’s so HUGE that TPTB are desperately trying to hide it?
The Millennium Report | May 6, 2019   

I am grateful for being a part of your family for those too-short 13 years.  Your daughter befriended me and I will always cherish her memory.  My mother shared with me an old memory, of seeing us from a window, walking to their home on Cypress Street for a holiday visit, the streetlight's slanted glow behind us, snow in our hair.  She went by Amy then and had long hair, those beautiful tight curls and golden green eyes.  

I am so sorry your son forced me to leave him.  Losing him and the family destroyed my life.  He went on a spiral after they took you, a tailspin, and we were about to lose the Blue Moon on Lake Whitman.  It would have killed my parents, who of course I had to protect.  Your beloved son wouldn't listen to me and stop his madness, nobody in the family could help me with his self-destructive insistance.  (In retrospect, he is way better off now not having to deal with me and my family and he knows it.)  

They took Daddy shortly after they took you.  A few years later, Jim L.  If I had ever had wanted to bear children I would have most probably been a sucky autism spectrum ptsd bipolar mother with an attitude problem, and also the kids may likely have inherited profound autism as it sadly turns out.  All those toxic travels as a wee kid, complete with nuclear exposure and toxic vaccinations.  I always had a feeling there was something more wrong with me besides manic depression.  So I did Andrew a favor in the long run as much as it sucked going down so shortly after they took you, despite that it ruined my own life leaving him.  Again, I had no choice.


We will continue to strive for that which was always part of most good folks' dream: environmental protection, for real, not reel or the B movie that plays out seemingly every second through programming, real people suffering under the violence that is enforced poverty, ignored by government controlled mainstream newscasts that are paid to spin the evil malevolence that is colonization (murder and theft) and war - attempted societal numbing at the crimes of war on human dignity.  Resist.  Who are these evil entities?? Why do they want us to suffer, (why? control us?)    

We declare.  Resist.  We care to love life despite cognitive dissonance, through the actual caring of this environment and the good in human history to the now, which would then create caring and respect for each individual, especially this, our Earth's sovereign indigenous.

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