Friday, July 8, 2022

Contact From the Underworld of Redboy featuring Leonard Peltier Robbie Robertson

'Man Gave Names to All the Animals ~ SNOOP ICE T Cypress Hill DJ Free Leonard GILL SCOTT HERON and of course, Rhymesayers

D....Zim non e mio.... mah... sort of right? :) you are always in my heart now
It's Humaniwomanities Belief System. Sheild ourselves from the TV Monda controll parasitic Madness and we can control the shit-show, the narrative so to speak, the All The Worlds' a Stage with simply: Our belief systems. We already worldwide have the WAY over 77 Million of us that love Earth, Galaxy, Universe and all the dimensions and timelines we may imagine in between...Protection Around AllPredominantly Good Earthlings I hozy so be it and so it is I call or parasitic entities with mal intent may NOT survive what's coming. We Are Protected somewhat and We SHALL Overcome over the ... eons. So be it and so it is: GROUND
Ice T w/loooooots of Lemon, please?  And Peppermint?
maybe?  ok.  LOVE

DUde, Zio, Mi...... Love Light and Protection all Around YOU AND YOURS!!!!!!! there eye said it so it is so be it maye nothing harm none for the greater good GROUND

 more to write to placeholder

BIGGIEBEST arse rainbow here
and a hole in a bucket     PINGGGGGGGGGGG gahhhhh!!!

Section 8  Placeholder:   huh-huh-huh.huh.huh it's like a jungle sometimes I think I wonder How I keep from going under (white girl what's that song again?)
oh yeah, Sugar Hill Gang
Pshhhhhhhh !!!!   broken glass, everywhere peoplepissing int eh streets ....
struggling to keep the tempest in a teapot from damaging trees or neighbors of sum thin


HUMPTY DANCE!!!!  wow so much beautiful music all the beautiful Rap and Hip Hop and allllllll other Loving happy Dance and other even Classical NINA Jazz Miles ina Silent Way  I gotta go eat some boiled eggs, scuse me.  All Good Music All Protected forever and never ever lost, it's all in the freaking Akashic record.  They can't wipe our memories unless we Make Believe it.

Much Love To You And Yours Snoop.yDoopyG.Dogg thank you for being in the world with us at this amazing time in recent very recent human history 77 million dude we have WAY more mostly good hearts and minds already alweez have to do is Make BELIVE we can have some more time the Galaxy is in cahoots with our Universe and Star Nation goodones, etc. we just have to believe we're goona be all fu88ing right. so bleedin' simple eh right cheerifuggino Stay Frosty Cheers!

it is a cassette Snoop, with the cardboard case that's how long ago it iz


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Truman Show So Heyokah ~


reading between the likes kiddies of course ;) slap happy and punch drunk

Jim Carrey Says He’s Done With Anti-Drumpf Art: ‘It’s Never Been a Matter of Hating Anyone’

Drumpf ish to the tune of aesoprockwins:

Thursday, March 24, 2022

NBC: Leonard Peltier, imprisoned Native American activist, has new message for Biden in clemency push

Leonard Peltier, imprisoned Native American activist, has new message for Biden in clemency push
Peltier, 77, has been held since 1977 for the deaths of two FBI agents. He maintains his innocence, and supporters say he deserves to be released on compassionate grounds.

Erik Ortiz, NBC News, March 24, 2022

Leonard Peltier, the Native American activist who has been imprisoned for nearly half a century for the murders of two FBI agents he has always maintained he didn't commit, is hopeful he'll have a chance to clear his name before he dies.

Peltier, 77, wants President Joe Biden to review his case and grant him clemency so he won't die in prison.

He's not looking for a presidential pardon, because it would be granted for a crime he insists he is innocent of.

Instead, he wants a new trial.

Even DNC Members Are Urging Biden To Let Leonard Peltier Go Home
“It is a matter of justice and compassion,” the DNC’s Native American Caucus leaders said of granting clemency to the ailing Indigenous rights activist.
Jennifer Bendery, HuffPost, Mar. 17, 2022

President Joe Biden is now facing pressure from within the Democratic National Committee to grant clemency to Leonard Peltier, the 77-year-old Indigenous rights activist who has served 46 years in prison despite no evidence that he committed a crime.

Democratic National Committee – Native American Caucus
Statement in Support of Clemency for Leonard Peltier

March 16, 2022


Leonard Peltier, imprisoned Native American activist, has new message for Biden in clemency push
NBC news story carried by:

Leonard Peltier Asks Biden for Clemency, Insisting He Didn’t Kill 2 FBI Agents in 1975
Steve Neavling,, 3/24/2022

'I got to fight': Native American activist imprisoned since 1977 seeks new trial
by Elizabeth Faddis, Breaking News Reporter, Washington Examiner, March 24, 2022 02:20 PM

'I got to fight': Native American activist imprisoned since 1977 seeks new trial
The Gazette

Leonard Peltier, imprisoned Native American activist, has new message for Biden in clemency push
NBC News - Erik Ortiz


OPINION: We Must Free Leonard Peltier
Eric B. Alipio, South Seattle Emerald, March 17, 2022 Editor

Featured Image: Chauncey Peltier talks for his father, Leonard Peltier,
at Many Rivers Festival on Oct. 2, 2016. Photo by Atl360Pic/

High Times Greats: Leonard Peltier
Activist Leonard Peltier has been serving time for a crime many people believe he did not commit.
High Times, Sept 11, 2020

Free Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier

IITC Letter to Biden Administration – Leonard Peltier. COVID-19
International Indian Treaty Council, Feb 2, 2022
>download letter

Native activist Leonard Peltier remains in prison after 1975 shoot-out at Pine Ridge reservation
Recent diagnosis of COVID-19 spurs more calls to free Peltier
Katherine Locke, Navajo-Hopi Observer, Mar 8, 2022

Activist Leonard Peltier asks President Biden for clemency
NewsCenter1 Staff, March 24, 2022