Mary Perfect Rest In Peace

 Love you forever Mary

Mary, 7/27/2005-10/31/2020

Hunter Moon, Blue Moon, Halloween Eve 2020
13th full moon in 2020, 3 nights before election from hell

Glam Dog

Stubbie, Charlie, Mary, Jackson and KittyPi in 2015

Her nicknames were 'Mary Perfect'.  And 'Peanut', May, Mae-Mae, and 'yes, my Queen'.

She had a wonderful life, yes a beautiful life, she was very happy and had many puppies.

Last winter was tough for Mary, she had a bad cough and James kept at it curing her with homeopathic medicine and honey.  We took her for a walk last summer and for the first time, we had to carry her the rest of the way home up the hill.  She just laid down, it was too much for her.  Since then I kept checking on her to make sure she was ok, more than usual.  Especially lately.  She was achy, kind of hobbling around, not wanting to go out much.  She had to be really coaxed to go out, more that usual.  Charlie would always go out with her.

Halloween eve was the coldest day all season and we'd had a hard frost the night before.  We always keep the dogs warm, though.  James gets up and gets the woodstove going if it goes out during the night.  Mary started having trouble breathing 10/30, more than usual.  Then she wouldn't eat that night.  Mary's favorite hobby was eating good food, and this was the only meal I had seen her miss.  She was panting, but could settle down to sleep ok.  We knew she was in a bad way.  James got up at 1 am to check on her, and she got up then went back to bed.  Then Charlie woke James up around at 2:30 am, and she was gone.  Thank god she did not suffer long.

James was going to bring her to the vet to have her put down if need be.  But she was Perfect, and had other ideas.

She liked to dress up in doggie clothes.  Yes, she was a wonderful dog, and had a beautiful life.  She lived longer than most dogs and had lots of puppies, got to live with some of them into her elder years and she was spoiled rotten.  When we go out we get a burger just for them, and often get fried or rotisserie chicken to share with them.  She was half pug/half pomeranian/chihuahua and she loved pepperoni and a bit spicy food.  Things will be very different now.  There is like a big hole where she is missing.  

The Pack:  Teddy, Jackson, Charlie, Mary, Stubbie, Brutus


Mary Perfect


Peanut the Wonder Dog

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  1. When we took Mary to the stodgy vet for her dreaded shots the vet said Mary was a little too pudgy and asked what we were feeding her. J nonchalantly said we threw the turkey carcasses out on the lawn and let the dogs at it. Shut that vet right up and I laugh every time I remember that story.


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