Rest In Peace Bettina



Feb. 15, 2015

Bettsi, center.
Her last hours with spirit orbs all around her

Right after Bettina passed away,
I took some photos outside her window
and captured this light
the color was like her blanket, she always liked pink
I did not see the light at the time - only the camera did

It was snowy that night
but some of the snowflakes look like spirits

Bettina's window

Bettsi's window with friends, so empty without her

so empty

We miss you and love you forever Bettina

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    /, \'. _-' ,--,,,--'''
    { \ `_-'' ' /}
    `;;' ; ; ;
    ._.--'' ._,,, _..' .;.'
    (,_....----''' (,..--''


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