Green Mountains from Jay Peak

Green Mountains from Jay Peak
Green Mountains from Jay Peak, image c/o Wikipedia

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Little Grandmother speaks ~


  1. To the tunes of ...All Goode Indigenous and uprooted Goode Folk Everywhere...?

    Potential. I'm only talking the Potential. Spread the word to your closest, as this information will only benefit well-intended goode caring folk.

    The whole key is to stay calm and at home, during any extended black out, and stay indoors locked in at home. It could get ugly out ;{there, if fear is fed.

    There *could* be a sun flare, or other astronomical type anomaly or other coming very soon, as the polar axis of the earth has begun it's usual 26,000 year switcharoo. Ask your local Air Traffic Controller: Due North is currently 65 miles off.

    Two things I forgot to mention that are important. (Unaware or ignorant people might freak. Best for ALL to stay home from work and off the roads. Smarter worker folk may suggest initiating a discussion about contingency preparations like this or earthquakes, etc. - with their superiors...)

    Then, anyway, the whole key to IF this happens, and the grid goes down for approximately 3 days and 3 nights, THEN the whole key is to NOT panic, and for you city folk, to stay indoors and don't feed fear. The grid will eventually come back up, obviously, IF it goes down..

    So lay in some gallons of H20, cans and pasta, and get ready to camp out with keeping Nino calm for that amount of time, give or take.

    Not saying it will definitly happen, just please be prepared for your peeps. Stay calm and loving is the key.

    Please take heed, and always tread with Respect for Elder Natives, but obviously, it is up to you, your choice.

    1.) As Earth gets closer to the actual 'switcharoo, a.k.a. polar axis shift, the speed of the switch will exponentially grow faster. STAY Calm and Loving, this is key, it's gonna be a wild ride, we don't know exactly how or when it will transpire obviously nor how long the grid/s will be down.

    2.) There may be days or more that the sun and moon will not be visible as usual. Very disconcerting if you are not prepared mentally. No, the world is not ending, but it may be chaotic for quite a long time afterward. There may also be storm and seismic anomalies involved.

    Just don't worry too much about it. Make preparedness part of the routine, and you can even make it fun. If you talk about it with/around Nino, at least he may get a 'flavor of it, and it may help him be less fidgety about not being able to go out for whatever the duration may be, I don't know. If you want to, try to offer this information to your mother, please. (I will try to let Gary know through facebook, but you know how fb can be: attention deficit with so much info coming in all the time.)

    With Unconditional=Universal=Love, Bina

    For the inspiration for this entry, please see Zen's blog post at:

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  2. I just ordered Little Grandmother's book, Tribe of ALL COLORS. Also Elva Thompson's book, Heartstar. sooooo looking forward...