Green Mountains from Jay Peak

Green Mountains from Jay Peak
Green Mountains from Jay Peak, image c/o Wikipedia

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Inspiration can come in All Forms

I always knew how fortunate I had been to land my last job as Web Coordinator for the Global Health Council (GHC.)  Thankfully, they are still struggling to hold on to the Global Health Council legacy, it's Membership. 

The most inspirational publications to me personally, were in the Conference web pages that elegantly highlighted the Amazing accomplishments, annually, of their Membership throughout the recent years. 

That job gave me much beloved yet painful insight on the scourge of financial inequality and extreme resulting poverty facing human beings in these, humanity's times, our 'Now'.  The job also gave me much inspiration and many spiritual gifts, such as fostering a global compassion for all life on this beloved planet, Gaia, Earth, and its well-intended inhabitants.  I will always treasure my memories there.  I wrote most of my compulsive poetry written at home to date, while working there for those well-intended folk.

The worst part of being booted out of the Middle Class, and what it means to me.

How important and inspirational the GHC Membership will always be to me...
What I miss most about that last job, besides not having had, at that time in my personal life, the physical or emotional wearwithall to become sociable enough to enjoy more, the lovely folk working there, in Vermont with me, and for on the ground type folks in Washington, D.C., but mostly for that Global Health community, by an unendingly, incredibly inspiring (GHC) Membership.  Run on sentences, run on.

I will always be proud of that job, and my opportunity to humbly assist with the website that had to be let go to budget concerns during/after this latest 'great' world-wide depression/recession of  @ 2008.

Ah, but such is life sometimes, even I knew painfully full well what I could have had at a job like that, if I had been much younger perhaps, until the opportunity to continue working there was gone for me. I was not blessed in life with single-minded focus, I was too confused about what career paths in life, and just did my utmost best under the circumstances of an inherited lifestyle of unsustainable, crushing debt.

I was not fortunate enough to know the following woman Dr. individual.  This article brought back a lot of memories of the former Global Health Council that I knew, so I checked out their new restructured organizational website, and they seem  doing just fine now, thankfully.  Whew.  Letting go is so hard to do sometimes, but love of the good in life, will always live on.


Inspiration really hurts sometimes...

Inspired by this extremely sad Valley News article: -all-of

An Inspirational Woman
Begrievingly Taken from her Community and Inspirational Life.  

her death does not make sense to me...?  Just questioning of reality again...
Jul 13, 2015 ... Yet melding her international activities into an Upper Valley life of care giving was challenging. “It's always very jarring to come back from a ...


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