Urge News Stations to Cover the Ongoing Fukushima Crisis

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Open Letter to Extremist Factions No Nukes

No Nukes because All Earth's Crustal Destruction starts with Nuclear Power+Energy for Profit=Environmental Disaster and rolls down into an unnecessarily fabricated hell from there


Open Letter to 'Brothers' and 'Sisters' in the Extreme Factions of Government and Institutions

e.g. That even our own U.S. Senators and Representatives seem to be Unaware Of Yet?!

Please End Cognitive Dissonance on Planet Earth.  End ALL Machiavellianism Now:  So be it and so it is.

Families, Lawyers, AE911Truth to File Lawsuit against FBI over '9/11 Review Commission Report' on Mar. 25 | Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth: https://www.ae911truth.org/fbi
bless that group and their work

Open Your Hearts into the Fold of Compassion
Save Planet Earth's Crust and flora and fauna
that includes all of us Humans!
Stop Hurting Others, Stealing others' lands and any Life, for Greedy Profit

War No More

Homelessness, Hunger and Poverty No More

Open Your Hearts into the Fold of Compassion

You know you want to take care of the environment because What are you/we gonna tell (y)our kids, (y)our loved ones?

Open letter to the ($) 1% extremist demon-type controlled sisters and brothers splintered, controlled.  The most, most secret factions and in the secret societies, religious institutions and military ops.  Please, you are being begged now.  (You know who you are:  the more-for-us, less-for-everyone-else doctrines/dogmas sometimes found in the highest of positions within all institutions)  Take your souls back away from evil.  Be Human.

Please.  I beg of you.  Please sea how you are being controlled.  Please.  Think of what is happening to this unique planet Earth's Crust.  Please.  Be the real, true hero you intended to be before you became controlled in the grip for your very lives and that of your families and friends, and even favorite icons and especially exceptional in compassion for a just society 'public servants'.  Realise being a compound casualty of our species own souls' being sacrificed for that lifestyle - and under ...1% control to do bad things to all of us by attempted genocide of indigenous peoples on ancestral lands, to other's sovereign lands, against all religions,  to a 'We The People' (but not only U.S.A.-centric) need to Evolve. 

We basically need to grow the heck up as the One Species that we Truly Are, each and every beautiful fractal of us, all with our own unique gifts, yes, that is every person decent and caring living their own lives on this planet making up the whole and work more and more together to rid this world of systemic bigotry and subjugation of anyone, especially the non 'well-healed' -- or lose what is left of this beautiful crust. 

Monday, March 18, 2019

Orion on the Pine Horizon Open Letter To Bono and U2

Mulligan, straight up? Olive branch?
How about something like, taxing the frack so OUT of 'Billionaires' because it is Just, and using those taxes not for war but to Ameliorate Poverty?  so be it, and so it is...end inequities. Or what?

Billionaires are not all alike.  I hope.

To all the tunes of all eras and eons and times that bring joy in the world.

I too and too many know first hand how the media can become phone tag, but Journalism must be Respected, 'No?  Yes.

Open Letter 2 Bono, the Edge and U2  3/17/2019
andante, on forgiveness, healing the past by what is done in the now and future???, on mostly hope, faith and moving forward
Please, don't forget your band's Roots!  Edge et all!  The struggles of the war-torn worldwide.  Green is the healing color.  All colors and yes no colors are also healing.  Earth's unique bounty? 
and yes, apologies from my 50%
but critical eyes will always be and watching each of us through true spirit
MyownUnknownDNAwasOnlyAsSmallPart0f .
i hope i am awake enough now said the...
you showed kindness through.  Thank you.  But IT still isn't about 'my' life, nor 'only my' heritage.  It was and still is about what is actually happening to the planet and huwomanity at the hands of madness in power, the secret factions of governments that the governments themselves turn blind eyes to, even to this day.  Nothing you don't already know, not saying that either.

I just went to remove the entire former link, it is now only text as I removed the old post, etcetera but had not taken down the text yet.  But, now...

Angelfire has made it next to impossible for 'me' to develop Poetry Pix0 any longer going forward. They are holding 'my' old websites hostage for future payment apparently.
now going forward unless 'I' pay for hosting now
or develop within their constrained platform, unable to freely upload stand-alone pages. 'Welcome' to the yikes. 'Welcome to' any residual ... heart/soul/mind shackles: OFF

"The anti-Semitic virus seems to have mutated once again. Its specter continues to haunt us, but the myths that nourished it in the past have been displaced by other fears and frustrations.

Contemporary hostility to Jews emphasizes globalization, not Communism. It is George Soros rather than Leon Trotsky who now best personifies what anti-Semites regard as the Jewish plot to undermine everything they hold dear."

above quote from:  LaCrox international

From Trotsky to Soros
'A Specter Haunting Europe'
James J. Sheehan | United States | March 16, 2019 

The color pink as symbolic of healing.  Something more and awful about the person who has also become an icon archetype 'Bono', ohno, he's evading taxes like the bad billionaires do?  

Is this truth?  Sad? What is, you, Bono Vox, the man?

"youtube 3/18/2019 snapshot: War/No More Trouble | Playing for Change | Song Around The World
Playing For Change
Published on Apr 23, 2009
Receive our latest video releases, subscribe to our newsletter: http://bit.ly/pfcnewsletter

As we made our way around the world we encountered love, hate, rich and poor, black and white, and many different religious groups and ideologies. It became very clear that as a human race we need to transcend from the darkness to the light and music is our weapon of the future.  This song around the world features musicians who have seen and overcome conflict and hatred with love and perseverance.  We don't need more trouble, what we need is love.  The spirit of Bob Marley always lives on."


Personally, I was heartbroken back before I was born of course, but also before we lost the cottage beginning 2008, and just didn't give 'Bono' or even you the man, the person in real life, and of course the beloved band that has become U2 even a chance to recover in my own mind, as always, and I shut my mind/heart down bewildered and confused, not knowing how to proceed.  Like I always did.  I am sorry for everyone, including you.  This way of mine has sabotaged even my own entire youth.  Still battling myself No Nukes from within?

Public Shaming: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
Published on Mar 17, 2019
John Oliver talks about the power of public shaming, good and bad.

Anand Giridharadas: College Bribery Scandal Highlights How America Is Rigged for Wealthy & Powerful
Something more and awful about
'Bono', ohno, they say he's evading taxes like the bad billionaires do? Is this true, Bono?

This was/is the former link text, slightly edited:

Hey No!!!!!!!!!Please No GMOs = NO BROKEN gut health for children and other living entire ecosystems, please...and please also revisit the whole vaccination big corporate wwscam? Yes, please Be safe all goode, all around ALLONEUNIVERSE Pi(r)^...ground

No Nukes. There goes the entire exosystem if it is not stopped immediately3/17/2019 NUKES PUKE whaaaah??????"Fuc ?who?' shame-aaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhh.????  Fukushima Just choked on my Cheerios again, sorry.  I must learn forgiveness even to those that are or are in danger of being possessed by the demons that are abject evil on Earth's children's governments this human era (controlled by unrestrained factions who steal the people's tax resources from the goverments that are supposed to provide protection and guidance for the people who fund them, smaller and smaller to non-existance NOW Yesterday ... sigh...factions that are anti-benevolence bent.)  Twisted.

photo of Llewellyn's 2019 Astrological Wall Calendar

yin~yang~yourway yahweh northe highways?  no, the 'Free'ways.
?please help +Free Leonard Peltier* = ACLU? please?
Playing for Change

WTF, Bono+Edge+U2?  WTF how do we actually cease what evil is happening to this planet and humanity??  Covert=overt=WAR on the people.  Extermination?  REally? And with certain few family billionaires ? ? ?  Not U2.

Mount Fukushima

Godzilla Blue Oyster Cult Music Video HD127,583 views, 1.6K likes, 23 bullsh@t, Subscribe 226, Share ~=+Save
Published on Aug 12, 2017, "for entertainment purposes only", "no copyright infringement is intended", "please support the artist buy purchasing their music"
Category People & Blogs


Godzilla 50 years tribute!

On Urging News Stations to Cover Urgent Fukushima Crises

weather4us.com application
takes our money for the weather service
but keeps the East Coast in the dark...wtf?
Good intent 1% (.5%) or bad intent 1% (.5%) why hymn?
dont for get tree roots?
Mulligan, straight up?
"Game On!"
What the Hell Is 'IT' through the 'acronymonious' secret ops that our own public servants don't even know about???Doing to the Earth's Crust/Flora/Fauna?!//?

Re-start withthe allin hearts/minds.  It's not about the 'me' or the 'you' is it.  Also.  It's about truly dismantling actual atomic bombs and nuclear power plants.  The wrath perpetrated upon this rock has got to be literally actualized and healed absolutely without wasting one more second.  Time essence.  Essene.  

Pan Pantheist.  Universal Love Worshipper.

Please, and thank you, and something like I'm more sorry than you know what I discovered b-b-b-b-b-b-billionaires diddoing the gmo in vaxxing gates broke my heart.  Please, it was mee 2 making a living off that global health shit for 3.5 years.  Halloween 2010, ye gahds??  Something like, that witch really matters is how we translate heart without misspelling it.

I must learn forgiveness even to those of us that get possessed by the demons that are abject evil on Earth's children's governments this human era (controlled by unrestrained factions who steal the people's tax resources from the goverments that are supposed to provide protection and guidance for the people who fund them, smaller and smaller to non-existance NOW Yesterday ... sigh...factions that are anti-benevolence bent.)  Twisted.

!WTF?, right=left?

The only way we (humans) can clean up this mess is for ALL to wake up. Please. I am trying as well yet again.  We all know this already.  Please. Good, bad, ugly, all one massive ball of wax all way, way, different yet the same?  We live here on this rock together.  Not good children not getting along.  Ok?

Movie: Talent for the Game
darling movie imho
Has to be the ALL good and bad working together.  Wood have to be.  Iz.  How do we as the artist world here on earth actualize this through our accomplishments?  Direct.  Literal.  How can the planet's crust survive and shake off NOW ongoing madness?

Especially the most worst of the worst of the '1%' secretest of 'societies'.

Let's try for ALL huwomanity+humanity=cleanupthismess.  The Universe in fact does love all of us.
hat top to Movie: 'Talent for the Game'  ...?...

With a mutual respect and thinking of you allz own beloved roots...what the hell is happening...are they still turning the screws on your brains as well?  God damned to Granny Galaxy's black hole for transformation all that evil parasitic greed of insane torture wrath wreaked upon Earth.  One would think her kids could fucking save her from the fracking power sociopathy.  So few.  The Few Fracking Families of unFairness Factions NO!  :)

H0w out of HELLspawn wreaking havoc upon the all indi-lands and-indigi laddies and lasses everywhere?!?!?! (7) must stop thousands eight or more ago, we have in fact been around for millions.  I call bullshit.  Everyone loves Earths crust and everyone is with that..

War come$ in many form$ and the red shoe trickery needs to stop ALLZ 4 bickery.  MK Ultra perpetrated by GHWB & vicious dead heart vulture capitalst war destroy earth's flora/fauna crust and population psychopathic sociopathic $ POWER $ cronies

Awareness and spiritual warriors is all that is needed here all around this beloved crustal planet Earth

Bee Wellespring
H.O.P.E. Springs Eternal?
They gotta get their anti-benevolent secret ops blood dripping fangs and claws out.

0f 0ff

For all to come into the good, bad and ugly cause it ers/irs/wood/straw/tin in fact gonna take all of them us to grow up = the 'us' 2 Care for every last one to be first.  Demons be GONE.  Long be the Grimace GONE.  IT breathed it's last breathe wreaked upon the land.  The spawn must be cleaned:
NO NUKES that is the root of the evil parasitic greed it all rolls down from there.
A11 4 0ne and 0ne for ALL or this planet's crust dies with us?:::::::  N0.


Druish :P, Friedah

nemesis maturity channel is on youtube.com
a beforeitsnews dot com product?
Whaht?  Castor Pollux Moon?  Sirius. (3/16)

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Suicide Prevention PTSD Cognitive Therapies Discovery Exploration

On Suicide Prevention and PTSD Cognitive Therapies Discovery Exploration 

speaking of witch:  heal this:  https://msdiagnosed.blogspot.com/p/on-urging-news-stations-to-cover-urgent.html

Suicidal thoughts are like ... having a bad day?  They too, will pass.  Like kidney stones?  Or a bad job?  Especially if you get busy to head those old cosmic blues off at the pass, so to speak.

EMDR for example (cognitive therapies for PTSD) and the ongoing skill of trying to slip the grippings of PTSD trappings.  I need to learn this stuff.

(Liza Nanni) | 2/26/2019
Vermont Strong and with New Hampshire brother sister states in Mind, Heart and Soul

Letter to the Editor ? in response to 'His War Didn't End', The Record Friday, Feb. 22, 2019 edition.

Family of Veteran Who Committed Suicide Helping Others From Making the Same Tragic Choice.

His War Didn’t End - Zachary Compher Saw Combat, Suffered PTSD, & Took His Life At Age 29. Now His Family Wants To Prevent Other Veterans From Making The Same Tragic Choice.

Caledonian Record since 1837 | Paul Hayes Feb 16, 2019


I am so sorry for the loss of Zachary Compher, 'His War Didn't End'.  I did not know this 'tribe' of good people personally, his family, girlfriend and circle of friends/co-workers and co-veterans, but this article strikes me where it counts.  There are too many unconscionable losses and now this so young man's woman/folks/people. I think the Vietnam War anniversary is also sparking me to try to speak out.  

I struggle with PTSD every day of my life, since infancy.  I must heal myself first before I may even attempt to offer advice for others, but here goes.

I am not a veteran personally.  But I have had more than my fair share of ongoing (years after years) compound traumatic experience.  And the cheerios I choked down as a kid were mainly financed by my (gulp, cough, gngngngngngngng teeth grind) beloved father who was a ...missles systems developer for organizations starting at S.H.A.P.E. which was a NATO product then on to the Weapons Contract Developer companies in this country when he earned his American citizenship in the late 1960s.  Oh gahd no how can this, Bino?  In the 70s, I wore bell bottom jeans and peace signs.  I am still a peace-nik, but please, hear me out here.

First of all, I am not laying claims at all that there is a cure or panacea to cure PTSD.  Fighting flashbacks is an ongoing development of the muscle that includes sheer luck, and Personal Will.  We all have Potential within each of us: we all have a soul, right?  It originates from caring about others.  Yes, from the heart.  Broken or knot, see (Navy talk).

However, I do agree (poetically and otherwise) with the research that suggests our traumatic experiences create pathways throughout the brain through 'neuropathways.'  We get entrenched, literally.  Stuck in ruts.  Particularly traumatic and especially prolonged compound trauma that manifests through PTSD for any brothers and sisters returning from combat, or in any situation where there is prolonged trauma which is Way Too Common.  Incidences like people overcoming incarceration, drug abuse, mental or physical enforced or compulsory hospitalization and or incarceration (especially of the innocent), systemic abuse of any kind like inner city poverty, and especially anything having to do with sustaining injury to the mind, or the body, or the spirit, or all three...

Veterans of all walks of life are especially vulnerable to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD).  Suicide is no joke.  Neither is combat's legacy, the terrible scourge of decent people still having the compound trauma flash before their eyes.  Our brothers and now sisters in the military are unfairly targeted for this syndrome, foisted upon us by those reaping financial reward ... thinking we should still be investing in ... War.  Whaat?  How about Jobs not Bombs.  The service is good for training folks and giving them work, and I believe all people want normal lives, maybe raise kids of our own, earn a home so we can have pets, etc.  I must have hope in rebellion:  We can and will have a better economy that supports this without that old script: "Conflict."

Triggers.  Even a butterfly can symbolize one for some, and all the violence on TV?  ?Maybe turn off the violence for a while and listen to calming music, the wind and birds if you can...sit under a tree and just breathe through the spells of terror you get triggered to still have flash before your eyes and even ears at times.  Or take 5 minutes to remember to breathe, and to just meditate.  Zone out the window or something.  Drink a glass of water, slowly.  We are too lucky in the hills of New Hampshire/Vermont to not have to suffer through living in inner cities cut off from nature and access to shopping for good food with healthier choices...clean air...

...But they can be innocuous and anywhere those cursed Triggers...

There is an old-timey saying from the 40s/50s? that goes like this:  Don't Let a Thief in your Mouth to Steal Your Brain...?

Alcohol is legal and can become too easy (as can be drugs) as 'a something else' to focus on for too many of us PTSD sufferers, but that can also become a tricky, slippery slope.  How about we try to be careful of ourselves that is all I hope to be=Mindful.  For example a mindful walk.  Mindfulness Training.  That is also a topic for another story.  I am also writing this for myself here.  I am learning a lot just writing this essay.

I have been sober since April 1, 2018 cold turkey and I am feeling too much still, but also believe that this will help me in the long run ... I don't know ... finally grow up and face my life better.

I have too much experience with PTSD from my own past and it's generational in my family heritage which seems all too common.  My father's father Francesco Nanni lived in Italy, from a small town in the 'heel of the boot' Canosa di Puglia.  He was somehow compelled to give all three of his children's given names to nick-names, and with no middle names.  We are talking Italy now, and most Italian full names contain first, middle and last names with at least three syllables each.  I believe my father's family were actually underground Jews, coping with the horrendous Adolph Hitler Nazi syndrome and his horrible thugs during WW2 who had it out for 'Jews' or whatever other psychotic racist sick compulsion, for too long.  Just figuring this out now, and I'm just about 60 years old.  Anyway.  Still hangovers from the past we suffer through today from that abomination of history.

That old vicious circle type stuff mixed up in all the good stuff of the past, very confusing.  Drugs and alcohol can numb the pain a while but usually aren't too good an idea if it becomes a crutch that then gets out of hand.  The real work is not to mask the experiences but to find ways to express the pain without hurting yourself, a.k.a. coping mechanisms.  Suggestions?  Art appreciation?  Walks in the parks.  Music.  Reading survivor success stories?  Group therapy or individual when you feel you are ready to do the really hard work of trying to forgive yourself, etc. Martial arts?  Attending your church?  Taking a class online or at the local high school or finding Adult Education classes?  Not everything is easy during tough economic times, but veterans in general are a tough lot.  You gotta have a ton of courage to join the armed forces, my hat is off to veterans for that.

If someone wants to 'detox' one's own brain thinking habits/memories from past compound trauma through cognitive therapies, (which activates or triggers the PTSD more safely by reminding you that you are not actually still there experiencing the trauma, but you are back home safer and in the Now.) Processing and getting through 'it' (the flashbacks) better, can be the key to ameliorating the dang flashbacks caused by unrelated 'triggers' in the first place (unrelated events/happenings but reminds in some way, a car backfiring, fireworks going off, a helicopter in the distance).  Confused yet?  I still am.  I think.  No one ever says it will necessarily be easy to ameliorate, to take steps toward making it better.  That is why veterans are called 'warriors' on healing to begin with, respectfully.

In and of itself but it can be rewarding if you can get help and or especially help yourself by connecting somehow to the collective experience of survival through F.U.B.A.R. experiences of your own past.  Then help yourself at least a little for ever, please, if not for yourself, please, think of those who love you and want you to get better, and go easy on yourself, by trying to take small steps at first. The world needs all of us to hang in there!  Right?

It ain't easy but you are a warrior as well as a person, remember?

My horrible experiences will never go away.  I have a hernia that hurts like the blazes at times, and it was partially messed up by a violent ex-husband who blacked out by habit from terrible alcoholism.  He and his son ganged up on me, abused each other and me, then both stalked me, forcing me to eventually leave my beloved home state.  See, if my ex-husband had one more legal complaint by me to the state about his stalking habits (and I had photographic and other hard evidence implicating him piling up) the courts were legally threatening him and me with his impending imprisonment.  He was such a sick alcoholic and drug abuser that he almost ended up in prison.  What would have happened to his son and daughter if he ended up in prison?  I was forced to leave Boston after living, going to school and working there for most of my 40+ years at that point.  Compound ongoing trauma over years and years.  Why?  I still am trying to figure that out, but they tell me it is generational, meaning it ran in my family and I was acting it out.  We did not talk about such things from generations past.

It's how I develop skills to try to cope with the constant cognitive (spiritual, physical and emotional) pain, and associated memories that counts.  Time most certainly has and will help someone like me, or a veteran who suffers badly from past combat issues.  PTSD can not be fully cured, perhaps, but there are lots of possibilities to make it at least a little better.  It is a road not a destination?  A practice that needs to be worked on every minute?  Not all of the tips and tricks I have read about or tried in therapy actually cost money to practice, either.

It's up to you to pick up your own pieces so to speak and carry on.  Get back up on the horse?  Make the decision that you want to help yourself, and only you can help (and/or get help) for yourself.  Just like me.

It's all up to us though, the actual PTSD sufferer, to Get Help.  It starts with one thing.  To at least realist you Deserve to Learn about ways to Manage the Pain a bit Better so you do not get lost in it.
I hope that anyone suffering from or around the PTSD sufferers can at least read about therapies like EMDR.  And read or watch education programming on the tv or internet so you don't feel so alone with 'IT'.  You Are Not Alone.  PTSD is in fact contagious = to see severely traumatized people that you love is heartbreaking and can traumatise the people you are closest with.  Even people who you are not close with but just plain love you or care about you - or even kids you went to school or worked with in from your past.  Please, hang in there for the world, if not for yourself.

("Dude, you're not in 'Nam" anymore) as they used to say in the 60s/70s back in my day when for example a veteran got triggered in some seemingly innocuous (or truly innocently intended) way, and maybe something like 'it's ok, get out of that tree' still applies to this day, sadly. I protested the Vietnam War machine in my own way as a small girl growing up in the 60s/70s.  Baby Boomer generation they called us.  But we all were suffering from war.  All of us in one way or another, especially the veterans and those who care about them, and those of us who did not want our hard earned taxes to be taken from us by force and put in the armed forces for conflicts in wars that do not even make sense (sometimes?), really.  Hindsight is everything sometimes.  Truth always comes out sooner or later.

"...What is EMDR 
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • What is EMDR? https://www.emdr.com/what-is-emdr/
  • History of EMDR
  • Theory
  • Frequent Questions
  • Professional Statements..."

  • For example many clinics like Little Rivers Clinic Wells River or Bradford can possibly help us with EMDR Cognitive Therapy it's called, or refer you to someone, a simple technique used during therapy, but then therapy is not simple, is it Hard Work to heal your mind/imprinted with bad memories.  Dartmouth Hospital has many resources.  Try a search for, or go to your own internet access or library to research 'EMDR' or other 'cognitive therapies for PTSD'. You can train your own neuropathways in your own brain.  It is true, it's a practice, it's work.  But it can in fact be done by only, you.  Only you can help yourself, a little bit at a time, and/or get help for yourself, right?  All three.  Plus good nutrition, get some rest if you can, etc.  And it ain't your fault what you were required to do!  War is in fact, hell on earth, in my humble opinion.  Why?

    EMDR is a process where you talk about your experiences in a way that you don't feel threatened, with a therapist perhaps, and you use a tactile (electronic hand held) gadget that reminds you that basically the war is over.  Or the actual flashback, or event is no longer occurring now at this time. 

    I hear there are many other cognitive therapies.  If you can possibly journal for yourself even in a personal diary.  Or if you prefer reading what others who are trying to help people like us may have to say.  Take what you like out of reading other's sharing their stories and feel free to leave the rest.  Even taking up swimming or meditation.  Focusing on a hobby than can maybe one day become a business, or just stay a blessed hobby.  We never know what our futures hold.  Art really helps, so does Exercise of any kind if you are able.  Keeping your hands or minds busy with doing or watching things like crafts or cooking or whatever you like, movies, etc.  Comedy can be the best medicine too.

    I've lost too many precious family members to suicide over the years.  And musical and other public favorites have been suicided, cut down or took their own lives.  It is literally No Joke.  The pain of suffering their loss never goes away.  It may get less raw but there is always gonna be that scar to cope with.  I suffered from suicidal thoughts myself most of my life.  It's better now, because I have been sober and have to face down my fears every minute of every day.  But it is a constant battle and you have to constantly adapt to processing past or even new trauma (watching the news traumatizes me but I am compelled to at least try to grasp what is going on in the world political arena because I care) and mostly to Recognizing Your Triggers.  A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  Please consider possibilities.

    And try to eat in peace.  Please?

    It does in fact get better if you can eventually actively want to help yourself.  Don't leave the rest of us!  You are needed in the world.  Research, research research.  We are Not Alone.  Every little drop in a stream turns into a river.  Every tiny thing you do to nurture or even forgive yourself a little bit more, or take care of yourself in some way, is key.  If you can train your mind body and soul in whatever way makes you feel even a tiny bit better in life and helps you take steps toward facing down the abyss of your own terrible memories or fears, inches you toward 'Letting Go' of those Traumas.  They don't go away, but they begin to have less control over you.

    This 'train ride' has stops where you can finally let layers of pain go maybe one step at a time.  Nothing better than helping yourself, then you can help others which is the best medicine.

    Carry on, everyone, and soldiers, please.  Remember, suicidal thoughts can be seen as like, (bad gas.)  (A bad joke but)  This Too Shall Pass.  And don't let them (your bad memories) push you around! :)

    back to trying to get some rest, military style zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    P.S. Hand in hand.  Ye gahds, no, please?  'Never Again', the 50th anniversary of the conflict in Viet Nam perpetrated by the Nixon and subsequent administrations?  We said Never Again to the carnage back then...why is it still happening with now prolonged war that we don't even hear about in the news any more?  How much of our paychecks go to wars that we don't even know about??  So too few can profit off of all of our hard work?  That is not Justice.  

    Peace = Justice.

    War is Not Healthy for Earth our Home

    full essay and work in progress on PTSD and Dialectic Therapy here =>

    Peace ~ Jobs Not Bombs: Essay on Mindfulness Training and PTSD

    SAVE Suicide Prevention Org Tom Morillo
    (light bulb goes 0n)
    saw video at
    Veritas Studios in Los Angeles, CA
    with Tom Morillo [(genius guitar)] and Friends
    SAVE Suicide Prevention Organization


    Open Letter to Atmosphere and Good Music of Earth throughout all Time

    Slug? Dudes/Dudettes and all in between? Chelation, y'all. like Sa-Roc sez, Third Eye Wide (cuz thats when the heart opens up for caring humans after caring for yourself first) ;) thank you for that

    Atmosphere?  All beloved Labels everywhere throughout the ...?  The Universe promises: songs like all emotion, emonitions, emote, croon, etc. or really all creations that make us experience joy.  We all in fact are part of the universe and our essences or souls or whatever anyone believes in do in fact live forever and can reincarnate at will if only with love All'ya'll and kids and co., we will all be ok Every song that was ever crooned promises You (Us) All
    literally, Slug. We did get loose and they can't kill the joy and good in people.  No matter how bad it would ever get.  They can't wipe us out of history of existing.  Nothing has that power over others, on any planet in any galaxy out there in the beautiful expanse that is space, maybe right?

    Think the symbol of the dna, all interconnected like all humans are. We are those hallucinatory fractals each an ever blessed unique fractal creating a big interconnected flower, we are all here as warriors to try to squeeze every last ounce of Joy in Rebellion.

    For all kids. That means us, too, right? We're all still kids, and we didn't take the wheel away from the bad factions yet I call bullshit on that.  Humans already have the wheel they just have to all catch on, or 'get it', get it in them, like a a song.

    After you lost your faith, you decided to give of your art through your heart away.  You even figured out how to make a living at it even though you are of Indigenous heritage, that's called Adaptation.  That would be a cute name for anyone to write about, hm?  Ingenuity?  Yeah, that too.  DNA is the Spiritual and the Physical intertwined.  Nuclear power is the cancer.  Get rid of that and even the crust has a chance to regenerate over yes, yuga type eons.  Our souls are very patient, also timelines and time itself can be bent, just like notes.  Music does in fact come from the heavens, gifted to each little alien (including humans) on every little planet in every solar system that supports some kind of life.  Our spirits are stronger than our bodies.  We can come back any time and keep fixing this planet if we just Understand = Believe we can.

    We could have avoided all this nuclear => War => destruction for money so far.

    Fucking News Flash:  The Few Fracking Families?  They (FFF) don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They  FFF don't want control anymore.They            FFF            don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.They FFF don't want control anymore.

    Love conquers all.  You all kids are teaching me this, for some reason at this time.

    And any 'I' can use some of their silly numbers right back at them like this.  They want love of this particular planet's atmosphere and crust to take them over and stop them from the Nuclear cancer that permeates the entire petro-chemical-military-industrial- Control Structre spectacle Spectre. They are a cancer=War=Colonization and they know it. They are tired now and this is ending exponentially.  We can cure cancer.  We all know this.  Especially natives that are allowed to dwell in Peace. 

    Ye gahds.


    I will tell you this, with absolute conviction. Humans have adapted and survived for millions of years, and quite successfully (minus cognitive dissonance type societies) for many eons upon eons. Cosmically (yeah, I know that sounds trite or trendy) we are coming out of the inertia that can transpire during quantum 'clock clicks'.  2012  Mercury direct is a tiny example of a much bigger cosmic structure that can only be speculated on if possible to understand the massiveness of it, which humans can do when they are allowed to all be left alone in peace to dwell peacefully.

    Everyone expecting some magic to come in and save us.  No, we have to do it ourselves, forcing yes using that bad word that must be eliminated from our lexiCons (Cons) WE (all deciding to incarnate at this time, oh, yeah, and with our memories whiped and/or wiped out = control structure taking away our connection to 'source') are the ones who habitate this (with respect, now) rock.  And not by force.  That is a key.  Force is not it.  That's how we got all tripped up with the entity that has distorted the Warrior archetype.

    Forcing our own cognition toward laughter, peace and love, it's such a simple equation and it does have the potential to exist, as a matter of fact, if we just Believe it into Being.  Humans are so powerful if they just use universal love and try to act wisely.  They but just must be allowed to.  They=collective consciousness.

    zzzzzz, :)  I know, shut that old lady up in the corner, she's snoring too loud again.  !Ping!

    All musictians are emotion warriors on the path to help us spiritually survive.  Don't let them fool you with obfuscation of (h)istory.  All is a myth concocted up by whatevers.  In order to conquer good and evil (duality, 2nd dimension) 

    Slug, how come they didn't tell us we were jewish?  I could have been a Jew this life.  At 58?  Too late. AGI8  Agitate, Agitate, Agitate?  If it could Only Be.  Through Peaceful Means?  If everyone only Believed it was already the Way We were allowed to Lived/loved/life.  It would faster become real.  No Nukes!  The cancer through greed that In Fact Can Be Cured spreads from there.  MLK Gigantic Blue Granite Boulder the size of ... shut me up, please?  :)  Write more songs please.  I know, I'm so greedful. 

    Be well kids, and do not lose, HOPE no matter the battles, Please.  For your fans?

    Monday, February 25, 2019

    Spike Lee Tells Viewers to Vote in 2020

    Oscars Celebrates Firsts for Diverse Filmmakers, Spike Lee Tells Viewers to Vote in 2020
    hat tip to Democracy Now (for the tip, and for this article:)


    (Elegance through action and case in point)
    Hope.  The sh@t's getting Better out there, I can feel it~

    JoyThe Wrap, on Spike Lee


    "The 2019 Academy Awards featured a series of surprising twists. Here are the moments that stole the show. (Taylor Turner/The Washington Post)"

    By Eugene Scott
    Reporter covering identity politics for The Fix
    February 25 at 1:09 PM



    Friday, February 8, 2019

    Agent Orange Nick

    Nick, the Secret Orange Agent Weasel Cheeseball Blockhead, where's the remote (know)
    IT --> Must Not be allowed to Tunnel Out and Escape!!  Literally!!! 

     3/3/2019 upchuck: (furball)  'Excuuuuuuuuuse the teeth clenched.'

    Any entities associated with or in cahoots with     any     IT corporate entity that is "Donald J Trump" is a 666 5th Ave money grubbing corrupt disgusting vile racist
    entrenched nazi-sympathizing disgrace to having any derivitave of the name 'John'...What a shame for the middle name 'John', Agent Orange

    American Name Meaning - Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor. From the Greek name Iohannes. In the Bible John the Baptist baptized Christ in the Jordan river. Variants have been created in almost every language.

    "Israeli Name Meaning - god is gracious, merciful"

    well you make up your own minds
    please pardon while I am unable to clean up
    MY silent reclusive hermit but Dudley do-right out.Rage outburst
    Humpty ///drrrrrrrrrgggggngngngngngng/////////////////////DRUMBPFfffffe`/////////////////////

    He's Sad. He Knows He Does Wrong. Wants to CHANGE
    Bee BETTER
    Be Just.  It's so easy, Justice is natural.
    . with beautiful black tipped tail so don't be blamed by the 'colorz
    He's Cute?
    But look into his eyes.  He is Evil.
    He took a bath in a puddle to be all white instead of Orange.
    He just murdered 7 chickens,
    one dawn, the next dawn,
    So in 24 freaking hours, 14 beautiful,
    beloved, my baby chicks raised off the nest, chickens.
    just sucked their blood out by the neck,
    wasting their precious bodies. 

    Oh.  My.  GahdNo. Here IT is, insatiable and wasteful, too selfish.
    The remaining chickens now have PTSD.
    I'm So Upset.
    Have a Heart (Trap?)
    You Betcha!

    Elebance.  Beautiful Man.  Spike Lee

    ugh?  blockhead jughead?  Universe?  Help?  Please?
    ? does one ne'er forgets how to downshift, ride bike, swim, etc. just practice bothing breathe Qi Gong skeleton and hair antennea, Æ n Al Bino?

    Cheap nasty food for sale.  Bezos.  please.  at least treat your workers better and Donate to SAVING the natural ecosystem of the Real Reel Amazon
    (c) bla bla bla a to zee donate to preserving nature bee GOOD instead lizardz

    cui bono?  ALLONE harpsters!

    deM, deM de Dem dem dem dem dem
    Pink Lemonade!
    Sah.Roc Saroc SaRoc Sa-Roc

    Hat tip from the heart to Spike Lee for the nickname & title inspiration

    but for this ugh post to have to write.
    to the tune of https://www.bobdylan.com/songs/man-gave-names-all-animals/

    So to remedy weasel attachment, cement floor in the bleepin flippin main coop.  Sounds easy.  Prob. 16 bags at how heavy? ...  The coop Wing is safer.  For now.  Must.  Be Vigilant. All. Year.  Long.  Not Just. Weasel. SEASON.  oops, sorry, it keeps making me yell... burp!  I meant season.  'Scusi


    2 youtube videos 2/13/2019

    Spike LeeSpike Lee: Focus On Trump's Deeds, Not His Words
    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    Published on Feb 5, 2019
    "'BlacKkKlansman' director Spike Lee is focused on Trump's deeds, not his words."

    ...//imho processing.  Love that hat handshake between brothers Spike and Jon...
    Yesss - agreed. These men work as great artists after All.  "Trump" seems to believe in his own lies only, and has swamp-like administrative assistants (analogy only - swamps in the natural world are in fact GOOD for the ecosystems) 'people' that try to be like him (malevolence is not a natural human trait, it comes through trauma and torture to conform to others like that) malevolence toward the entire population of 'have not$', only out for themselves and their kind with like bad morals, see they think they like themselves that way:in Denial of how evil they truly are.  And for their horrifically procured paychecks.  "IT" has become the character he wanted to create, but he is 'the (U.S.) president' now (only because he fell into it and has money and backing from other *selfish too rich* people) but IT didn't realise what (he) was getting into:  most truly caring and perhaps educated and especially hip and/or street-smart people see through his 'character' creation as being part of the bad parts of TV.  The Orwellian attempted population thought controlling lies they feed us on TV.  Good and bad in Everything: 1D to 2D and so on.  But see, one can't cover up lies with lies, that does not work, Truth Always Exists and is much, much more powerful than the lies, the Hype.  yikes...//...

    Spike Lee Isn't Buying Ralph Northam's 'It Wasn't Me': (<{[Shaggy - It Wasnt Me (Official Music Video) 19,410 views 62 0 Share Save exoticsharpay]}>)
    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
    Published on Feb 5, 2019
    "'BlacKkKlansman' director Spike Lee likens Virginia Governor Ralph Northam's defense to a famous Shaggy song."...//who bounced this from (inspiration) Snoop Doggy Dog :) //...

    ...//imho processing.  Colbert you then said Spike "my favorite guest"... *smile* and I believe in you too now, trusting you a little more even though you are a TV star.  See, 'they' used to put the boots to me through the TV as well.  So I shut down from it...so I perceived...will never fully recover from that...I've missed a lot of good by abandoning the trying to discern what is bullsh!t and what is Not on TV...it takes SO much study and energy and changes over thyme...thank god for music and healing and all you great artists out there, whether you are well-known or otherwize cause all it takes is caring for otherz...//...

    Monday, January 14, 2019

    Cracked Code

    The World?  Oh, you mean Mother Earth. 

    Stay frosty, do whatever you have to to keep getting your balance.  Mom.  The bitch is gonna Rock And Roll, and have sex basically with this Nemesis.  She need it.  Then the Rebirth.  Hat tip and immense relief to cracking the riddle, the code, that could only be done At This Very Time and going forward, nomatter what the heck happens, by jove we are gonna be reset, and we gonna do our dangdest to roll with it.
    Is That Code?  -Craig Ferguson

    If power (energy) were freed, freely distributed to those in need, then
    if perhaps Tesla the 0riginal style (not elongated musks) but I mean, freely accessed, then
    Mother E would not feel she have to shake the $atanic part of the web off - believe you me that would break that spwelle like sh@t then.  Give the freaking flying PEACE bird to ALL OFF JP Morgan and spawn...Mother E tells me.

    The Who - Eminence Front (Original)
    Breathing, staying out of Shock those first days will be the biggest challenge besides not getting hit with debris. And caring for all of each other, like in any big storm, we tribe together, survivors.  Humanity has been through this many times, it's in our DNA.  We are in fact chosen for this.  The Autistic.  The vid rocks, if I may.  Humanity will survive.  Come what may.  To the tune of The Who, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx6Zgz0TZuA  Hear the riff in the background?  It's countless time waves bending.

    Many of us are the spawn of the sixties generation, speaking globally of course. We will become the coolective now, that we have longed for.  We are only human, whose indominable (spell this) spirit will Adapt and Survive, even the nitial blast and radiation.  Spirit intended to help us all along, we just had to wait for the cosmic timing, and .  (Crosby Still Nash and Young, Wooden Ships) Kind of like as that man says, Suspicious0bservers interview those Scientists are All Brainwashed, and that's o with a zed, we will be at ground zero but without the Grid so that will be KEY of life in connecting back as one species humaniwomanity respecting Mother Earth.

    This bumper stiker was in reaction to the U.S. having to vote with the forced sickening choice of either Hitlary the Spent War Monger and Trump the Vapid Wannabe Goombah
    When most of us preferred to vote for Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic Frontrunner

    Adaline Incredulous
    February 1, 2019 at 5:23 PM
    Commercial Interruption:
    Don't have to read these, these additions to the attempted brainwashing that is News pretty much sums IT up.
    And for yet more mainstream media brainwashing:

    Giant meteor hitting earth preferred by 1 in 4 millennials over Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton presidency
    Still, Clinton has the edge over the End of Days when it comes to young voters
    Independent, by Feliks Garcia, 2016 and on
    New York @feliksjose

    Americans prefer a meteor hit Earth over Trump or Clinton as president
    New York Post, By Yaron Steinbuch, July 1, 2016

    13 Percent of People Would Rather Have a Meteor Hit Earth Than Elect Trump or Clinton
    Looks like some sorting out of priorities is in order.
    US News & World Report, By Rachel Dicker, July 1 2016


    Threatened with the lives of their loved ones into under control is so yesterday.  I Will Not Let This Be.  The warrior souls are ready to come back.  It will be hellish with the ambient radiation, but those idiots at TEPCO actually inoculated BULLSHOT!  the entire planet, same with Chernobyl, 3 mile, all the other nuclear leaks never mind the Bikini massacre cancers ongoing, swept under the rug for more profits for $atan with the U.$.  $eabrook NH masquerading as Yankee, that was shut down (dismantling, decommished).in 2014.  The Twin States.  We have all been played.  And vaccinations can be deadly, so don't get any more unless you gotta CYA.

    You wanna survive 5G?  That GRID must be eliminated as a form of control.  FREE.  That is Key.  Remember the musical instrumentation and song remembrance.  Protect some sheets of music in a metal pipe deep in a cave with your oxygen tanks.  Sing for Joy! http://www.thelastpoets.net/

    It's a put on.  It's a cosmic reset.  Rolling with the punches lies deep within our DNA.  Good old Gov. Uncle Sam incorporated with the Lizard Queens won't tell the populations.

    This is in fact, the Dawning of the Age.  Mother Earth is here to protect those of us who are meant to survive, and carry on, if you love her enough.  Trump the Card, Check, MATE!  Go change your own diapers, jerk.  Here, smear his face with his own shit and laugh at him while he has a toddler temper tantrum and won't wash himself.  Eat it, Trump.  You've been had.  Your gigs are up.

    We will adapt and survive, and now that it is seeded in the ether both electronically and etherically, it has been for quite a long time since it was first discovered in the 40s, then Astronomer Robert Harrington took the fall in the 80s right before he was going to publish his findings.

    Will grow in the collective, it will expand over generations of us that will remember our souls now, remember ?  Don't have to, again, it's in the DNA.  Survival instinct.  Of the fittest and smartest and most prepared.  At least mentally.

    And we will come back as true peace warriors and care for the planet, each other, sea?  It will be hellish for generations but hey, the good residents will then be unshackled from underground to help us help ourselves!!!  From inner earth.  If they so choose.  Only those of us that are mentally prepared have a chance. 

    That will take days to get through, the not being able to breathe and getting blasted by EMFs supreme and meteor showers.  Gather the water, nuts and berries.  Toys, passtimes, real, 'analog' won't even work.  Wakey, wakey, little snakeys.

    Ooops, just pulled my head out of my @ss.

    Nebra Skeye Disk of Antiquity
    Teach the Children Well.  Get it into them easy, just a seed or too about a cool cosmic Carnival Ride or something might be coming.  They are more adaptable than us.  Survival?   You just gotta wanna.

    Carry on, True Peace Warriors.  Cheers and a hat tip to artist and astronomically brainy author Andy Lloyd et all for this venue, thx

    The technology is out there to clean up nuclear radiation.  It can in fact be done instantly.  The timing just had to be right.  We ARE the generationZ!  PlanetX?  What!?

    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz bubble.....!P0p!

    Please see Billy's Amazen Story With An Open Mind/Body/Soul/Spirit

    Billy Fay Woodward

    New Release Ditty Tealight 2

    Free rocks love hear gave the licks away scotty free.  Now THAT is pretty the geewillacres story.  My mind's eye can rest and now just leaf be.  The vampires can no longer hurt any body ee including mee and mine now and then and future those e i e i oh just Universal LOVE is fine now but don't dam true love cause we are certainly on a cusp truthfully to the pi it just enjoy life.  Once in a blue moon two a rock wood haven three 31 Sunday Mountain.  Eye better not blowfish it.  Screwed by my story then But now I can Justly Bee knowing that any and even one or two can know it was all for Universal Love, for free.  Right in their faces in cyber spaces.  Now I'm truly universally free.  I gotta go vaccuum!  Yes! and Take care of my own business.  No one nor all can hurt me nor mine nor any I care for period any longer, not even the grid.  It is written, aptly.  All I care for are protected from evil.  Especially their souls.  Our souls belong to us!  Evil recedes into the black hole, transformed into nothingness to leave humanity to be sovereign for eternity.  Sea?  It was never about me.  Perfect!  Any who love is actually Universal love and So be it and so it is.  Thank you for Dudez0!  And. Long live us all.  Ground! to the tunes of NINA SIMONE https://youtu.be/R2ZQIMPzqOY and I'm Feeling Good

    Adaline on ∞ GrannyMilkyWaye ∞ https://minimoonbeam.blogspot.com/
    Pandora on Mz D. <^>_ :| ~ https://msdiagnosed.blogspot.com π ~ 🔥🔥🔥 ~ π🦉 🦆

    Gary Landon Mills is a Very Fine Actor and Friend

    And we still say Never Again about War: No More!