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A multi-faceted activist - DJ Free Leonard is a Recording Artist, a DJ, a Community Organizer and a Decedent Member of  White Earth Chippewa (Ojibwe) Tribe

Who is DJ Free Leonard?

As the first cousin of an imprisoned American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, DJ Free Leonard’s name was inspired by his cousin, to be aware that injustice is always close at hand. Rather than use that as an excuse to hate, he decided to use his words and music to spread awareness and even hope for others.

As a community organizer, DJ Free Leonard is working for the indigenous community by knitting powerful messages into his rhymes, laced with dynamic purpose and common sense. He believes that Hip Hop is the most powerful form of expression and through his music he merges political education into his culturally inspired songs.

Early Life

Born in Oakland, California in 1981, to a Middle Eastern Father who came to the US on a wrestling scholarship after competing in the 1968 Olympics and Indigenous Mother, a former Missing Indigenous Woman, who as a baby was kidnapped and raised by her abductors, and as an adult reunited with her biological family, learning she was apart of the White Earth Chippewa Tribe, in which DJ Free Leonard (DJ FL) is now a Decedent Member of the tribe. Throughout his career, DJ FL has taken inspiration from his childhood experiences and memories.

His Hip Hop experience began in 2004, when he engineered the "T-Shirt TV" for Def Jam and LL Cool J to be used as their promotional tool for the MTV Music Awards. A tourism company in Toronto, Canada saw the awards show, which led to him becoming a tour manager traveling throughout Canada and the East Coast, implementing the promotional tools for a National Radio Station.

He was raised working in the community, as he honed his writing before he began recording audio/visual reflections of his White Earth Chippewa Tribe, by attending Bay Area Pow Wows at Stanford, Vallejo and community events at the Eastside Arts Alliance and La Pena Cultural Center, at first handing out compact disc mixtapes he duplicated on the computer, later hosting community events and informational booths.

Career as an Artist

In 2010, DJ Free Leonard executive produced the "Free Leonard Peltier: Hip Hop's Contribution To The Freedom Campaign" which featured exclusive and original music from Immortal Technique, Rakaa of Dilated Peoples, 2Mex, Dee Skee, T-Kash, Buggin Malone and a host of local bay area artists. The revolutionary project touched a lot of their listeners and was received with warm reception by music lovers across the country. The project was a huge success and received a 92/100 rating on This project has since become a collector’s special, and at one point this was being sold for $600 per CD by Amazon third party resellers.

In 2011, DJ FL co-produced and hosted the documentary "Free Leonard Free Em All!" with Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. that was filmed at the Paid Dues Hip Hop festival. All of this helped raise awareness for DJ FL’s cousin Leonard Peltier - a political prisoner, who he also visited in prison that year. His documentary was on all the pressing issues that are prevalent in the community. The documentary went
viral, which inspired DJ FL to work further and use his spoken words on other powerful stages.

In 2013, DJ FL partnered with RCS Music and his own Human Writes Records to become the flagship recording artist and spoke in front of 3,000 people at the Indigenous Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay and the same day released "DJ Free Leonard: A Struggle for Human Rights" which was distributed and co-signed by Chuck D of Public Enemy. This was another milestone for DJ FL and then in 2015, he opened up for Rakim at Harlows in Sacramento, California and also released "DJ Free Leonard: Assimilate or Eliminate" with the first single "Pine Ridge Rez" produced by EA-Ski.

Ever since then he has recorded 180 songs, released 4 albums, 5 EP's and a numerous shows and music with highly acclaimed musicians such as Malik Yusef, Ras Kass, Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine), Umar Bin Hassan (The Last Poets), B-Legit, The Grouch and Eligh of Living Legends, Casual and Pep Love of The Hieroglyphics, Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Askari X, Young Dirty Bastard of Wu Tang, Brother J of X-Clan, Sadat X, and started a group with Baby Eazy E, the son of Eazy E, called "The Lineage".

Between the years 2011-2021, he has done over 100 Speaking Tours with Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., had 20+ Music Videos aired on First Nations Network, International Cinema Channel and Free Speech TV, released a book "Birthright Tribal Member" in which he received praise by KIller Mike who was quoted in the book as saying "I Admire His Work".

Personal Ideologies

Throughout his work, DJ FL focuses on his Indigenous traditions such as the Sweat Lodge Ceremony and works in the community while being a small business owner. He is an activist and advocate for Hemp CBD and acupuncture to help people heal from their addictions.  He also donates to many community organizations, schools and tribal health centers with his cultural literacy programs.

Discography - see Bandcamp

Free Leonard Peltier: Hip Hop's Contribution to the Freedom Campaign (2010) Compilation
Executive Produced By DJ Free Leonard  

Free Leonard, Free Em All! Documentary (2011) Hosted by DJ Free Leonard & Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.

A Letter to the President (2012 Single)
by DJ Free Leonard, Mama Wisdom

A Struggle For Human Rights (2013) Compilation
by DJ Free Leonard  

Assimilate Or Eliminate (2015 Full Album)
by DJ Free Leonard

Pine Ridge Rez Prod. by E-A-SKI
(2016 Single)
by DJ Free Leonard

Birthright Tribal Member Soundtrack, Book and Audio Book (2017)
by The Broken Treaty Poet

Electrify The Masses EP (2017)
by DJ Free Leonard

Assimilate or Eliminate: Chapter 2 (2018)
by DJ Free Leonard

T.H.E.Y. EP (2018)
by DJ Free Leonard

Assimilate or Eliminate: Chapter 3 (2018)
by DJ Free Leonard

The Lineage EP  (2019)
by Baby Eazy E, DJ Free Leonard

Who Is Leonard Peltier? (2020 Compilation)
by DJ Free Leonard

Spirit of an Elder Poet (2020 Album)
by DJ Free Leonard

No Easy Answer (Prod. By Malik Yusef (2020 Single)
by DJ Free Leonard

Traditional Way of Life (Feat. Tom Morello and Leonard Peltier) (2021 Single)
by DJ Free Leonard

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